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1 Japanese Robot Mimics Human Gestures, Might  Give You Nightmares   TAXI Design Network

The Japanese adore their robots. And a brand new ‘groundbreaking’ one, co-developed by Osaka University as good as Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute (ATR), is officious scary.

Not usually does a Telenoid R1 demeanour similar to an unborn tot from Stephen King’s deepest horrors, it moves. The thing doesn’t even have fingers or legs, only stumps as good as a tail which squirms about. And yes, a drudge talks as well.

Seriously though, a Telenoid was grown to “effective send peoples’ presences” in telecommunications, wrote a developers. Just noise it down subsequent to we as good as it’ll say discuss or messages sent by video phone.

Speech as good as gestures—taken around sensors from a caller’s end—will be transmitted to a robot’s head, face as good as arms.

It was written to crop up as good as handle similar to a “minimalistic human”, permitting people to feel as yet they’re articulate to a live chairman instead of a video upon a mechanism screen.

Even a ‘skin’ is meant to suitable which of a human’s; it’s ostensible to be as soothing as a child’s.

But notwithstanding a technological advances, this is a single drudge we wouldn’t wish in a houses.

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What do you like to do after your flight to Australia ?

After getting off their flight to Australia, older holidaymakers particularly enjoy getting involved in cultural activities, it has been suggested.

This is according to a new study by Saga Holidays which indicates that people over the age of 50 would rather spend time learning about new cultures than lie on a beach to get a tan.

Some 32 per cent of respondents say they look forward to experiencing new ways of life when going on holiday, while seven per cent are keen to meet new people.

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of the Saga Group – which recently found that Minis are particularly popular cars with older people – said that many older tourists are “great adventurers” who enjoy gaining an insight into their holiday destinations.

“It’s no surprise to us that they seek adventure and new cultures. Good food, good company and active sightseeing around the world are great contributors to that healthy and uplifting feeling that is more important than just catching the rays,” he added.

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Greece and 5 Places You Must Visit

Greece, which is also known as the Hellenic Republic, is located in southeast Europe. The country has a mixed heritage from the empires of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and Byzantines. Greece is famous for its role in introducing to the world the concept of democracy, philosophy, the Olympic Games, and drama.

Be sure to try the local Mediterranean cuisine including the internationally famous Greek salad, moussaka, stifado, Greek Salad, spanakopita, Souvlaki, and mezze (a small meal) that comes with assorted accompaniments like tzatziki, grilled octopus and small fish, feta cheese, dolmades, pulses, olives, and cheese. The local brew of ouzo, metaxa, and the retsina wine are favorites among the Greeks.

History lovers will want to spend some time walking through Athens for a glimpse of the Parthenon. The acropolis is one of the most recognizable icons of Greece and is a good representation of Classical Greek culture. Other Athenian attractions include the Agora, National Archaeological Museum, Syntagma Square, the Plaka, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, Athens Olympic Stadium, Lycabettus Hill, the Byzantine Museum, the National Garden, and the Triumphal Arch of Galerius at Thessaloniki, Vergina.

Phaistos and Knossos are two of the best places to visit on the island of Crete. Noted as one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea, it has only recently been reunited with Greece in the last century after years of Ottoman rule. Crete has much to offer by virtue of its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and warm locals.

Greece is home to many castles, but the one in Rhodes is definitely not to be missed. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town is said to be the oldest medieval town in Europe, which has been continuously inhabited. The surroundings are a mixture of ruins from ancient Greek, Byzantine monuments, medieval architecture, and Ottoman bazaars. The modern city surrounding the old city walls is contained by a long, wide beach.

The Meteora is another must-see for all visitors to Greece. It is a complex of six monasteries built atop natural sandstone rock pillars: Great Meteoron (or Transfiguration), Varlaam, St. Stephen, Holy Trinity, St. Nicholas Anapausas and Rousanou. These six remain from the original twenty that once stood on these pillars. It is extremely difficult to access these monasteries, requiring long ladders to be lashed together or large nets that can be used to haul goods and people.

Naxos Island in the Cyclades is also worth a visit for a glimpse of one of Europe’s oldest churches. The Panagia Drossiani is currently still in use and has frescos dating back to the 6th century.

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Are You Down Because of Stress Tension ?

We have so many things to worry about that make as to build stress tension. However, we should not worry much. To avoid this unhealthy practice, then we should handle it using many ways available.

Sadly, stress tension often affects us and cause many problems in our lives. Think of kids, work, responsibilities and school that keep your life too busy at times. This makes you to be exhausted. Are you down because of this?

Stress tension is the main reason for panic attacks and anxiety. If you’re not in control of it, then it will totally incapacitate you. Many times people who have type-A personality get problems. They are perfectionist in nature and as such many things are not good enough in their minds. This world is not a perfect planet. It is high time you and I should understand that reality very well. We can never be hundred percent perfect.

All people handle their stress tension in various ways. Some ignore the actual problem that created it, while others pull away and stay to themselves. Yet there are those who fall completely apart. But there are those kind of people who acknowledge the signs and take care of the problem before it can consume them.

Some very easy exercises can relieve any stress tension. As an example: As you are sitting doing your job, deep-breathing exercises are useful in calming you down. Another idea that works is getting a bit of fresh air outside.

Doing a 20-minute walk or run helps in releasing endorphins that can alleviate your stress tension. Music can be great for lowering your blood pressure and calming your inner being.

At times though, stress tension shows itself in different ways too. The loss of focus, a pressured feeling and even heart palpitations can be the signs of it.

Here is one case from a lady who was suffering from it:

One office assistant was told to come to her boss’s office, which happens to be rather big but comfortable. While writing what was being dictated to her, she started to have difficulty in breathing. She lost her concentration and all her focus on her boss’s voice because of panicking.

She then had what is called an attack of anxiety caused by stress. She immediately left the office without excusing herself. However, she found the cause later. An upsetting thought snuck into her mind as she was writing the dictation, making her to fear which eventually made her to flee from the room.

If you are feeling down due to stress tension, look for the reason behind it. Decide the cause, and talk about it with family, friends or professions. If stress tension is left unsettledFree Articles, then it can cause severe health issues. Stay away from it as much as you can.

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Should you go for Computer upgrades ?

The average life of a desktop computer can be anything between two years and five years. So do you really think your desktop is now in the category of ‘Old computers’? Are you seriously thinking about computer upgrades? You think you need a better RAM? Or a larger hard disk? Or perhaps you are not happy with the operating system and need to upgrade all your graphic and video cards too. The scenario is very common. We see the marketing companies launch new and improved versions of products we had been using up till now and a part of us craves to upgrade to that new and improved version. You feel obsolete inside out. In time if most of your friends upgrade their PCs, you feel obligated to invest in yours too.

But stop and think; do you really need computer upgrades when your computer seems to be working just fine, without any major hitches. And are you sure the upgrade will be compatible and add to the functioning of the computer and will not cause new errors because most of the times. A good working computer when upgraded starts conking because of the up gradation, as it may be incompatible with the old drives or the operating system. And upgrading a computer that runs poorly doesn’t really improve its functioning. Normally upgrading the memory of your computer is the most cost effective upgrade.

Before you decide to go for computer upgradesyou should do your own research. Find out the make and year of your computer and find out what other people on public discussion forums say about upgrading your particular model. If you feel you need to go for the upgrade, do save up all your data and take back ups properly so that in the case of any eventuality you have your dare safe.Hardware upgradation can sometimes leave you with a very unstable computer.

Before thinking of computer upgrades, have you tried cleaning up your system properly to speed it up? Many a times the dust slows the computer down and is responsible for keeping unnecessary heat trapped in side, which in turn slows or stops the system form working in its optimum condition. Overall cost of the upgrade should be substantially less than the cost of replacement. Rule of the thumb is if the total cost of your computer upgrades were costing you more than 50 % of the cost of the new computer, it would be wise to invest in a completely new computer instead of spending your time and money on upgrading the old one.

Companies and professionals that deal in computer repair and maintenance can provide a more objective solution to your upgrading dilemmas. They can check your system and tell you if upgrading it would be worth your while or you can do just as well without it. They may also suggest some hardware and software upgrades for better functionality and can let you know if your system will be able to maintain its stability and whether or not you will have compatibility issues. They can also get you better deals on prices. It is always best to go with professional advice for computer upgrades.

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