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Health Reform Changes Affect Health Insurance Georgia Policies

The health reform bills that have been recently passed are going to change a lot for the health insurance companies. Although no one is sure exactly how that will affect health insurance Georgia plan premiums, many people are concerned that insurance companies will raise prices because they are being required to accept more high risk members. The government has set up regulations that prevent health insurance Georgia companies from denying coverage to qualified Georgia residents, even those with pre-existing medical problems or other health high risks behaviors. The only health risk that is allowed to play a part in premiums is smoking.

Also, the bill requires health insurance Georgia companies to pay many fees and contribute to some new government programs. It is possible that all of this additional expense will flow down and increase health insurance Georgia plan premiums to the members. The insurance providers are being restricted and limited from what rules they can impose on members. Some of these restrictions will benefit members and owners of a health insurance Georgia plan. For example, there will eventually not be annual lifetime limit on benefits. Another benefit will be that the age requirement for children to be included in their parents’ health insurance Georgia plan will be raised, possibly until age 26. This will really help young adults who are currently one of the biggest age groups to go without any health insurance Georgia benefits.

Health insurance Georgia companies will be required to include certain health benefits in their health insurance Georgia plans. These include emergency room services, maternity and newborn care, mental health and substance abuse care, prescription drugs, and others. At this time, not all health insurance Georgia policies include all of these services. In fact, often, HMO plans do not include mental health and substance abuse, or maternity benefits, for those individuals who predict they will not need these services and wish to have lower premiums. After 2012, this will no longer be allowed, as this is a new federal requirement.

Other changes include that certain preventive services, such as recommended immunizations, preventive care for children and adolescents, and screenings for women, will be required inclusions in all health insurance Georgia plans, and will not require a co-payment. This change may go into effect as early as late 2010. Certainly having preventive care is a big advantage of health insurance Georgia plans. However, if all health insurance Georgia policies include all of these services, and the insurance companies have to assume all of these costs, the premiums will probably be affected. This will be an advantage to those who require these services, but a disadvantage to those who do not.

Not all of the changes will benefit members in the short-term, however. For example, starting in 2014, all U.S. citizens will be required to have coverage, which means that all of Georgia residents will have to purchase their own health insurance Georgia policy unless they get one through their work. The penalty for not having coverage will be an additional tax, which increases every year. For individuals who have chosen to cut corners by not having health insurance Georgia coverage, and then this will be an additional expense.

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Female Libido Enhancement

Libido in its usual use means sexual desire; however, more technical definitions, such as those found in the work of Carl Jung, are more common, relating to libido as the free imaginative or psychological energy an individual has to put toward personal maturation or individualization. Sexual desire was earlier for creatures to reproduce, but people are utilizing it for their pleasure. Libido tends to be real strong in males of all species and inclines to have a low threshold for its formulation. Within the family of sexual behavior, libido would fall under the appetitive stage where a male person or female person will normally undergo decided conducts in order to have access to the contrary sex.

The greatest feminine libido enhancer should be able to encounter one’s very crucial criteria and that is it should be able to heighten your urge for sex as rapidly as manageable. Its other function should be to keep you in that impression for a long time without loosing the pursuit quick. The three standard types to employ take on:

1. Life Style modifications: this is the most dependable method but it said to be the most tricky female libido enhancer as it demands the patient to be disciplined and sacred so as to obtain the effects of lifestyle switches. One should ensure there is hormonal imbalance and avoids stress as much as possible and use the yoga methods so as to attain good libido. Also one is supposed to exercise regularly and ensure all those things are accompanied by a healthy diet that will help the body to gain all the nutrients needed and include foods like the apples, cherries, rice, soy and wheat in your diet as they help a great deal in controlling the level of estrogen.

2. Alternate medicine: most of the ladies do not stylostixis also aids a great deal in increasing libido as it is also recognized as energy tracts. Although it is one of the tangled ways one should have enough money to find an expert stylostixis practitioner who will do it as asked because it involves piercing the body at particular spots.

Herbal medicament also is another method of female libido enhancer and the herbs that help in this sector are the non-estrogenic and phytoestrogen as they are well known for increasing the hormone levels in a female’s body.

3. Surgery and drugs: These female libido enhancers are the most dangerous and high-priced of all the interventions. In this method the Hormone Substitute Therapy (HRT) is performed as it is the swiftest and powerful ways of struggling decrease in hormones even though it has side effects that can lead to the maturation of certain types of cancer and nonetheless wants to use this method is advised to seek the aid of a doctor.

A woman who mixes several female libido enhancer methods scraps the exit of libido quickly as the opportunities of treating the hormonal unbalance is very much higher compared to a single method and those who claim quick female libido enhancer are suggested to go for the surgery and drugs from prestigious producers which their drugs have been well-tried to be competent in enhancing libido.

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Preparation Before Booking A Villa In Spain

While booking a villa in Spain you need to make sure that your choice meets all the holiday needs that you desire. It is important to get prepared before actually deciding upon the one villa that you’re going to rent. This will do away with the chances of any future chaos.

Set a budget

Villas in Spain vary in range and price from luxury to budget accommodation. Decide how much you want to spend and always remember that you’ll need to spend on car hire, flights and ferry crossings etc. also. Villas are generally charged on weekly basis for the whole property and not for how many people you are in total. Think about how many bedrooms and bathrooms you would require and book of villas accordingly.

Deciding on The Location Of Villa

The rent of the villa depends a lot on the location of Villa. First of all, decide upon the town in which you want to hire a villa. Next you need to decide on the villa’s distance from market and other amenities.

Your expectations from holidays

You need to decide if you want to relax and spend time with your family or you aim at basing your cell centrally in order to minimize traveling and watch major sights. Make a list of the amenities that you would like to access and then choose your villa accordingly.

Choose the right size of villa

Make sure how much space you need and also check if any of the beds are sofa beds. It is practical that member of your group can sleep on the lounge.

Swimming pool

A good pool can make your day and similarly a bad pool can break your holiday. Before you finally book the villa, inquire about the size of pool and also if it is heated or not. Also inquire if you’ll need to pay in order to switch the heating on. If you’re holidaying with children make sure the pool is not very deep and also ask if it has a shelved entrance or steps. Also inquired if you and your family can exclusively use the pool or you’ll need to share it with extra properties nearby.


Inquire about the kind of utensils and electrical appliances are there in the kitchen. Most of the holiday villas are self catering but you may also ask the owner to provide a chef.

All this preparation will make your holiday the most memorable experience of your life.

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How to Add Value to Your Sports Memorabilia

Having a sports memorabilia collection is a hobby for many, especially sports lovers, celebrity fans and friends. The choices may be different like someone who may like to collect antique sports memorabilia, while others may decide to collect newer releases. Mostly the collectors do face two types of restriction. Firstly, the money they can spend on this hobby. The other is the available storage space where they can stash these things without risk of damage by others.

Your sports memorabilia collection can include anything from baseball to football, soccer to Nascar, golf, tennis or volleyball. When you really love a particular team or player, you’ll probably want to collect whatever memorabilia you can lay your hands on. Some also do it for an investment point of view, and want to save these until they can provide a higher return on their investment. Many sports memorabilia collectors are making good money out of their hobby.

Those who wish to enjoy their hobby professionally care about how they present it before others, too. They store their sports memorabilia in such a way that it beautifies their space, too. For example, they can keep their pieces safe in large glass cabinets so that they are visible,and at the same time safe and clean. You can also display them on a wall of your living room as a focal point. Sports memorabilia generally are of two types – they either remind you of a favourite sports event, or a particular player.

Some sports memorabilia collectors enjoy their hobby as a full time profession.They spend time, money and efforts to collect every possible thing of their favourite sports event – for example baseball, soccer or other sports. Many limit their enthusiasm to one particular team or player. For example, those who love to collect memorabilia of LA Lakers, or say Tiger Woods in golf. Some limit their hobby to the collection of posters only.

This interest was at its highest in 1980s when sports fans were after jerseys of their favourite teams or players. Sports stars would throw jerseys over the crowds after winning important tournaments. Some organisations even sold these jerseys in stores for sports memorabilia collectors like NFL, NBA, MLB did. There are many famous sports personalities who threw their jerseys into the crowd, either from the ground or from the stage at the end of the event. Remember Dennis Rodman? Some of these sports personalities have turned into all-time icons, and their memorabilia have become like gold dust for their collectors. Michael Jordan is a name to recall. Shaquille O’Neal of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Nomar Gaciaparra of the Oakland Athletics are the pride of collectors these days.

Generally, the prize of a memorabilia depends upon its popularity. The rarer the item, the higher the price would be.The price of memorabilia also depends upon its’ condition, too. A damaged piece may reduce its’ financial return considerably. So, if you have got a piece of sports memorabilia and want to keep it safe for time to come, get it framed first, fast. The cost you pay now may return many times over in the future.

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1974 World Series of Poker

The fifth annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) was held in May of 1974 at Binnion’s Horseshoe. There were 16 entrants to the main event, and each participant paid $10,000 to enter the tournament.

The event was very similar to the WSOP of the past year. The buy-in for the championship round was $10,000 in each year and the preliminary tournaments were essentially the same. These included the Five-Card-Stud, the Seven-Card Razz, the Seven-Card Stud, the No Limit Hold’em, and the Deuce to Seven Draw.

The 1974 WSOP saw an increase in the number of players in the main event for the third consecutive year. There were 16 players at the 1974 main event, up from 13 in 1973 and 8 in 1972 and 6 in 1971 (the first year the tournament featured a main event).

The tournament was eventually won by Johnny Moss. After winning the WSOP in each of the first two years of its existence, Moss became a three-time WSOP champion. To this day, he is one of only two poker players to win the WSOP three times.

Although the buy-in amount for the main event was the same as it was in 1973, the extra three participants added another $30,000 to the overall prize. As a result, Moss walked away with a $160,000 cash prize (up from $130,000 in 1973). It was a $130,000 increase from when he won the tournament in 1971.

Finishing second in the main event was poker pioneer Crandall Addington. The self-made millionaire played poker primarily for fun, and in 1969 he and some friends met in Reno, Nevada, for the first and only Texas Gamblers Convention. Addington won the event, and although the event was never held again, it was there that the idea for the World Series of Poker originated. For his contributions to the game of poker, Addington was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame in 2005. His second place finish at the 1974 WSOP (along with his second place finish at the 78 WSOP) would be the closest Addington would ever get to winning the tournament.

Moss was not the only player to walk away from the 1974 WSOP as a winner. Moss finished second to Jimmy Casella in the $10,000 Seven-Card Stud, which won Casella a cash reward of $41,225. Casella took home another $25,000 by winning the $1,000 Seven Card Razz.

The other winners of the preliminary events include Bill Boyd, who won $40,000 in the $5,000 Five-Card Stud, Thomas “Amarillo Slim” Preston, who won $11,100 after finishing first in the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em,, and Brian “Sailor” Roberts, who took home $35,850 after winning the $5,000 Deuce to Seven Draw.

Prior to the tournament, Benny Binnion, owner of Binnion’s Horseshoe, boasted in an interview about the growing success of the tournament. He mentioned that 13 people participated in the WSOP in 1973 and that they were planning on having 20 in 1974. Although his lofty goal was not quite met, the small increase was still a positive sign. Participation continued to increase, peaking in 2006 when 8,773 poker players entered the tournament.

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Why Elementary Workbooks Are Effective Learning Tools

Young children have the capability to learn at a rapid pace. In a sense, children are learning machines, constantly acquiring new knowledge as they see, feel, listen, discover, bang, talk, run, drop, poke, sing, rummage, break, and interact. At the same time, early learning develops the neurological connections in a child’s brain, which shape their ability to learn for years to come. Because of this, the early years of education are integral to the future intellectual development of a child.

As scientists develop a better understanding of how children learn, methods of teaching are becoming more effective than ever. Many methods being developed are groundbreaking in their approach, yet some can also be costly. Interactive television, DVDs, and websites can all be engaging and effective resources, however, they can be expensive and therefore less accessible. One way that many parents find effective and economical is elementary workbooks.

Preschool and kindergarten were once the places where children learned the most basic aspects of math, reading, and spelling. Children are now expected to have a basic understanding of the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes before they begin school. Workbooks can be used to teach these basic skills before children enter the classroom. Workbooks can also be used to test skills learned in school, reinforce skills during summer vacation, or even teach new skills to keep children ahead of the pack.

By using a pencil and paper, skills are learned more effectively and concepts are reinforced. When looking at elementary workbooks, important factors to consider are the clarity of instructions and sequencing of skills relevant to the school’s curriculum. The best elementary workbooks provide simple instructions and are organized to parallel the lessons taught in most schools.

The best workbooks are also more than just educational; entertaining characters, games, and puzzles make them fun for children to complete. After all, learning will come naturally when it is an activity children enjoy. When children develop a passion for learning at an early age, they will have that thirst for knowledge the rest of their lives.

School Zone Publishing Company’s elementary workbooks are designed with all of these elements in mind. As a result, School Zone has seen the success that only top-quality workbooks can bring. Coupled with multimedia CDs and online programs, School Zone Publishing’s workbooks provide a full sensory learning experience for children.

School Zone Publishing Company is a leading provider of educational products for preschoolers through sixth graders. Since 1979, this family-run, Midwestern-based company has sold over 315 million educational workbooks, learning card sets, and software applications. Trusted by teachers and parents, School Zone leads the industry in quality content at affordable prices.

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Sonography Technician Certificate

With a sonography technician certificate, sonographers can prove they are registered and that they have undergone a formalized process to complete their preparation for this important profession. Many schools offer courses that will end in the granting of an sonography technician certificate. These course programs include both academic and clinical training that gets students on the way to their new career path as quickly, effectively and successfully as possible.
You may choose to complete a sonography technician certificate program, or complete an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree with a focus on ultrasound and sonography, depending on where you want to work and what you specifically want to do. The certificate is the fastest type of program, which can often be completed in as little as one year with a full time course of study. The associate’s degree may be completed in two years, and the bachelor’s degree may be completed in four years, all assuming the student takes a full load of classes and passes them all every semester.
After completing the sonography technician certificate, associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, graduates can then register with the American Registry of Diagnostic Sonographers to give themselves additional professional standing. The registration is not required, but it can increase your employment opportunities and wages. In order to register with the ARDS, you must have attended a program that is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs or the Canadian Medical Association, or attended an unaccredited program and completed one year of work study in a clinical setting. In the latter scenario, the clinical setting must be supported by the Society for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.
While you complete your sonography technician certificate or degree program, you will be trained in anatomy, medical ethics, patient care, physics, physiology, terminology, and ultrasound instrumentation. You may also undergo training in a specialized area such as abdominal sonography, obstetric gynecologic sonography or neuro-sonography. And even after you are working in the field, you will probably have to continue your education in order to stay on top of changing technology and to stay certified.

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Undergrads, Executive MBA Students tackle campus parking problem with green solutions

Undergrads, Executive MBA Students tackle campus parking problem with green solutions

Students, faculty, staff, visitors and neighbors vie for parking spots on and near urban campuses everywhere.

At Washington University in St. Louis, teams of Olin Business School students have tackled the parking dilemma with an eye on the environment as part of the first Olin Sustainability Case Competition (OSCC).

“This inaugural competition is the fruition of over two years of planning by the MBA Programs Office and several MBA student organizations,” says Owen Bochner, a second year MBA student at Olin and one of the organizers of the OSCC. “The goal is to raise awareness of and engagement with sustainability among the Olin student body.”

Over 100 students entered the competition, representing every level of study at the business school from undergraduate BSBA to Executive MBA students. Sharon Yoon, associate director of MBA student affairs, says the participation “exceeded our expectations.”

“We were thrilled with the interest,” Yoon says. “The quality of the entries was generally quite strong. We saw a lot of very creative suggestions and unique approaches to solving the on-campus parking challenges at Washington University.”

One finalist proposed an automated parking facility with robotic valets that would decrease carbon emissions, save energy and increase safety. Bike-sharing systems and an increase in the existing WeCar sharing program were also featured in many of the sustainability plans.

From an original field of 30 teams, four advanced to the final round. Armed with power point presentations and hours of research and analysis, the teams took turns on stage to “sell” their proposals to a panel of judges.

The top prize went to the team that targeted a specific segment of the university population – graduate students in nearby university housing – as the most likely to use public transportation and bicycles if services and pathways were improved. They argued that grad students were most likely to make the behavioral changes necessary to reduce the number of cars on campus when given proper incentives. They posited, if successful, this group could be a role model for other constituencies on campus to follow.

The judges said the winning team’s survey of students about transportation choices led them to feasible solutions and compelling results. The winning team with four MBA students received a $5000 cash prize, free WeCar hours, and an opportunity to present their recommendations to university administrators, including Chancellor Mark Wrighton.

The case study for the competition, “Where have all the parking spots gone?” was prepared by Olin MBA ‘09 alumnus, Everett J. Hullverson. It outlines the ramifications of the parking dilemma for all constituents. Financial constraints such as the $45,000 construction cost per space in underground garages and compliance with zoning requirements in four jurisdictions where the campus is located are addressed as major concerns for the university’s strategic planners along with environmental impact and community relations.

The Washington University in St. Louis community is currently reviewing an operational sustainability strategic draft plan. With the plan, the university hopes to become a model for other large universities and institutions of sustainable operations that have a positive environmental impact.

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Which Dog Breed Is The Best Choice For You?

When you decide to make a puppy a part of your family, you will probably be faced with the dilemma of which breed to select, unless you have already made up your mind. There are so many dog breeds, including cross-breeds and mongrels. Which one do you choose?

If you choose a purebred dog, you have the benefit of knowing their nature and personality in advance. This makes it simpler to find one that will suit a specific lifestyle or environment. If you decide upon a cross-breed or a mongrel, it is certainly a more adventurous situation. You will have to keep guessing about the dog’s adult size and its nature, unless you know its parentage, based on which you can make a good guess.

Getting your first dog

When you choose your first pet dog, start by thinking about which breed would suit your needs. If it is a large dog, it is obviously going to be more expensive to maintain, while a smaller dog would cost less to care for. If you live in a small house, you must think twice about getting a large dog because it would need more space. Some breeds need more exercise, while some are not easy to train. These are things you would need to consider if you are getting your first dog.

Some dog breeds love company and go crazy if they are left by themselves, while some prefer to be independent and don’t mind being left alone. Thus, do the homework when it comes to researching different dog breeds, so that the one you choose fits into your lifestyle. Your puppy store can also educate you about the genetic and health issues to which a particular breed may be prone.

Age and gender of the dog

Another vital factor is how old the dog is. Some people want a puppy while others opt to get a trained older dog. If you choose a puppy, remember that he or she will want someone at home to look after it. Puppies also need to be trained. Just like little kids, they need to be fed frequently and must also be potty-trained. They love to chew and nibble on things while their teeth develop.

Next, would you prefer a female (bitch) or male? Females expect more attention. They can be trained quickly and come into season twice a year. Males are more energetic and tougher to train, but more predictable by nature.

After you’ve made up your mind about the breed, age and sex of your puppy or dog, you can now think about getting in touch with a breeder or puppy store. Just Pups is a New Jersey Puppy Store with a difference. You can meet various breeds at their kennel and get good advice on which one to choose.

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The Best cat food for Senior Cats

While it can sometimes be harder to tell that a cat is becoming a senior citizen, and at other times it appears to happen overnight, these seniors do have requirements that are different to an adult cat. In order to keep a senior cat healthy, it is important to know what the best cat food to feed it.

Keeping it Moist!
The problem is that many older cats drink less and less water as they age, making it much easier for them to become dehydrated.

It’s always important to provide a moist diet for all cat’s health, but it is particularly important for the senior cat. Creating an age appropriate homemade diet is sometimes the best cat food for these cats, as you can gauge the moisture level of the cat food, as well as the type of ingredients. Diets lower in carbohydrates always have a higher moisture content.

Softer Cat Foods
For many older cats, problems arise with their teeth and progressing dental disease. This makes the senior cat more likely to skip meals, especially if they are hard in texture or too tough to chew.

Dry cat food and even raw meals may prove too challenging for a senior cat. The best cat food is one that recognizes this likely issue. A homemade meal that can be minced or puréed can provide the cat with a pleasing texture that is easy to eat.

To keep its teeth in order, you can provide the occasional dental chewing treat. Homemade jerkies, cat chews, or even raw meat (like a small poultry neck) allows the cat to chew at his own pace for dental health..

Tastier and Smellier Cat Foods
As a cat ages, it often slowly loses its appetite. The main reason, assuming no illness, is that the senior cat is losing its ability to smell its food. This loss of smell decreases the chances of it wanting to eat it in the first place.

The best cat food for a senior cat is one that is both tasty and smells aromatic. This often means a warmed meal, as warm food gives off more odors. A homemade meal that relies heavily on fresh ingredients is also likely to have a more pleasing aroma and including strong meat scents is one way to entice the older cat to eat its meals.

Maintain a Good Weight
Obesity is one of the biggest problems facing typical housecats all over the world, but the odds of obesity goes up as the cat ages. Senior cats are less physically active and tend to sleep more. If the diet doesn’t change or is not appropriate to its needs, the cat will slowly pack on weight.

Unfortunately, obesity robs a cat of valuable life. It puts a strain on the heart and lungs, makes mobility more difficult, stresses the joints, and tires the cat out. Additionally, there are increased health risks like diabetes that is more prevalent in older, fatter cats.

The best cat food manages a cat’s weight by providing the necessary nutrients and energy needs without overdoing it. Dry cat foods tend to add weight to a cat with excess carbohydrates that are largely grain-based.

A homemade cat food that focuses primarily on protein keeps a cat in better physical shape by allowing the cat to eat more naturally. Protein, instead of excess carbohydrates, is used for energy. This means that there aren’t any carbohydrates to turn into sugar and be stored as fat.

Any senior cat can live a long, healthy life if it is maintained at a good weight, receives regular vetinary care, and is fed a proper diet into old age. Homemade cat food are often the most appropriate choice for the best cat food for a senior cat. 

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