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Which Dog Breed Is The Best Choice For You?

When you decide to make a puppy a part of your family, you will probably be faced with the dilemma of which breed to select, unless you have already made up your mind. There are so many dog breeds, including cross-breeds and mongrels. Which one do you choose?

If you choose a purebred dog, you have the benefit of knowing their nature and personality in advance. This makes it simpler to find one that will suit a specific lifestyle or environment. If you decide upon a cross-breed or a mongrel, it is certainly a more adventurous situation. You will have to keep guessing about the dog’s adult size and its nature, unless you know its parentage, based on which you can make a good guess.

Getting your first dog

When you choose your first pet dog, start by thinking about which breed would suit your needs. If it is a large dog, it is obviously going to be more expensive to maintain, while a smaller dog would cost less to care for. If you live in a small house, you must think twice about getting a large dog because it would need more space. Some breeds need more exercise, while some are not easy to train. These are things you would need to consider if you are getting your first dog.

Some dog breeds love company and go crazy if they are left by themselves, while some prefer to be independent and don’t mind being left alone. Thus, do the homework when it comes to researching different dog breeds, so that the one you choose fits into your lifestyle. Your puppy store can also educate you about the genetic and health issues to which a particular breed may be prone.

Age and gender of the dog

Another vital factor is how old the dog is. Some people want a puppy while others opt to get a trained older dog. If you choose a puppy, remember that he or she will want someone at home to look after it. Puppies also need to be trained. Just like little kids, they need to be fed frequently and must also be potty-trained. They love to chew and nibble on things while their teeth develop.

Next, would you prefer a female (bitch) or male? Females expect more attention. They can be trained quickly and come into season twice a year. Males are more energetic and tougher to train, but more predictable by nature.

After you’ve made up your mind about the breed, age and sex of your puppy or dog, you can now think about getting in touch with a breeder or puppy store. Just Pups is a New Jersey Puppy Store with a difference. You can meet various breeds at their kennel and get good advice on which one to choose.

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