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Wedding Photography Checklist

A comprehensive wedding photography checklist is very important than you may well think, whether the person taking the photo’s is an ordinary or a professional wedding photographer. At the wedding day, event can make a little busy and it’s easy to forget things like taking a shot of someone very important like your parents, close relations. It could take place and explaining would be terrible.
The person who does the photography has to know the essential people that are on the wedding photo checklist and get those shots taken. It’s better to keep a basic order, so remember to keep the photo shoot checklist perfect and relevant.
The wedding photographer checklist is like an outline. This is very important if the photographers follow you throughout the day in journalistic fashion. There should be a flow and they require going with that as the day unfolds. The other issue is time. Every photo you put in to the photo shoot checklist and also put the rough time like one or two minutes to organize the shot.
An unorganized list can twist a timetable. A lot of ad hoc photos mean rushed shots ruined with an untimely sneeze eyes.
Confirm all the important persons are on the wedding photo checklist and the person with the camera is familiar with the wedding party members. The photographer checklist is very important on the wedding day and most professional photographers insist on having one, just keep it manageable and keep the snapper off the sauce.
The checklist for the wedding photographer has placed below is completely a wide one. After consulting with your photographer, you may include or delete certain shots. Finally it is only a guide and no two weddings are the similar.

At the Ceremony:

• Front view of the venue/church or hotel
• Interior of church or hotel
• Guests Arriving
• Bride Arriving at Ceremony
• Guests being escorted to their seats
• Guests reading programs
• Seating of Bride and Groom’s Parents
• Groom and Groomsmen at altar
• Bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer coming down aisle
• Maid/Matron of Honor coming down aisle
• Close-up of Bride just before she comes down the aisle
• Bride being escorted down the aisle
• Grooms reaction to bride approaching
• Back of Bride and Father going down the aisle
• Father giving bride away
• Bride and Groom exchanging vows
• Guests from altar point of view
• Exchange of Rings
• Unity Candle lighting
• Groom Kissing Bride
• Introduction of Husband and Wife
• Signing of the Marriage License
• Bride and Groom exiting church/venue
• Bride and Groom on church steps/doorway
• Guests throwing flower petals/birdseed/confetti
• Bride and Groom getting into vehicle
• Bride and Groom Waving/Looking out the back window

Formal Wedding Photos:

• Bride Alone like Close and Full Length
• Bride and Groom together
• Bride and Groom’s Hands with Rings
• Bride with Maid/Matron of Honor
• Bride with Bridesmaids
• Bride and Father
• Bride with Mother
• Bride with Parents
• Bride with parents and siblings
• Bride with grandparents
• Groom with Best Man
• Groom with attendants
• Groom with Father Groom with Mother
• Groom with parents
• Groom with parents and siblings
• Groom with grandparents
• Couple with Office Friends
• Couple with all attendants
• Couple with best man and maid/matron of honor
• Couple with Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
• Couple with both families
• Couple with any and all step family members

At the Reception:

• Exterior and Interior of venue while still empty
• Bride and Groom Arriving
• The Receiving Line
• Wedding Cake
• Buffet Tables/Food/Groom’s Cake
• Bar Setup and/or Specialty Cocktails
• Guests Signing Guest Book
• The Gift Table
• Centerpieces or Any Special Decorations
• Place Card Table
• Close-Up of Favors
• Bride and Groom’s First Dance
• Bride and Father Dancing
• Groom and Mother Dancing
• Wedding Party Dancing
• Bride and Groom’s Parents Dancing
• Guests Dancing
• Bride and Groom posing at each guest table
• Bride and Groom cutting the wedding cake
• The feeding of the cake
• All Speeches/Toasts
• The Head Table
• Tables and Settings
• Bride tossing the bouquet
• Groom taking the garter from Bride
• Groom throwing the garter
• Bride and Groom’s last dance
• The getaway car

Make use of the wedding photography checklist to ensure ideal pictures of your perfect day.

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