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Anioma State: Set Up Central Working Committee Now

We are worried that our people concerned with the agitation for the creation of Anioma State are not doing enough to send signals to the Federal Government of Nigeria on our readiness and preparedness for the creation of the State. Authorities concerned through our chiefs, technocrats, Obis, Ezes and indeed the His Royal Highnesses from Aniocha, Ndokwa/Ukwani, Ika and Oshimili communities need to do a lot to effectively realize the creation of this state.

This agitation which has been in force since 1951 remains the oldest agitation for state creation in the country, and should not be rubbished through lack of seriousness currently being exhibited by our people. Agitation for the creation of this state is older than the country itself, and there is no better time than now to let the Federal Government of Nigeria realize that their inability to listen to the popular voices and create the state in the past is erroneous on their part and re-visitation of this issue is a serious social, economic and political business of the entire people of Delta North to which we hold with serious commitment.

We have all it takes to form an independent state within the Federation of Nigeria economically and no person or group of individuals have disputed this incontrovertible fact, the government will therefore be toying with the destiny of group of people who since 1951 have recognized the need to live as one indivisible people with socio-cultural affinity and all it takes to become one of the units of the nation.

On our part that the government has failed to give us the state for meaningless reasons does not mean that we should give in so cheaply for this will continue to hunt us perpetually because we have been denied our rights, our present condition within the state of Delta obviously shows that we deserve a state of our own. It is just an opportunity to let some of our Anioma brothers realize that a butter fly can never be a bird, even though both creatures have wings and fly, if it is not Bia (come) or jebe (go) as intelligible to us all in one language we undestand, it cannot look Anioma. It is for this reason that we must not throw away this rare opportunity as the cry for a state of our own will ever fill the air again and again.

There is no other means of achieving this political feat than tasking ourselves collectively because with the calibers of personalities of Anioma extraction we can do it; our founding fathers were not mistaken when the Anioma notion was conceived. It is also pertinent to remark here that a central working committee is necessary to coordinate and prepare us towards the creation of the state. I presage that failure to act now may amount to regret much later in our future, which we must all live to remember no matter the group we belong now. The history of our people shows that whenever the issue of creation of Anioma State re-surfaces, ethnic-groups distant or near cleverly segregates us and and we fall apart only to realize what we have done to ourselves in the end. This must be avoided at all cost.

The Asagba of Asaba, Obi Prof Chike Edozien is easily identifiable in the struggle for the creation of Anioma State as his pronouncements in recent times have shown, other paramount rulers from the region should follow his footstep if this is to see the light of the day. The issue of where to situate the new state if created should not divide the people as we can sit down and determine this, ipume is still within our culture and we know how to utilize it when it matters, but if you ask me, I would advise that the proposed state be situated within the South-South, since the region is naturally and geographically already lying there. This is only my personal view, as we all have our own.

This cannot affect whatever ethnic-group people attribute to us since as the geographical setting of Nigeria displays a number of ethnic groups scattered around the geo-political regions of the country, our case will not be different. But if situating it within the South-East is all it takes to create the state, it removes nothing from the fact that the people of Anioma will have unlimited control of their destiny economically and politically since development of the area should form the topmost priority of our leaders, and every community that has experienced development today in the federation of Nigeria has done so through creation of states.

However, a committee which a person must head should be set-up to ensure the success of the agitation of Anioma State. Traditional rulers from all the existing Local Government Areas that constitute Anioma should play a role in this, with credible people of Anioma extraction constituting the committee. We are sure that all the Local Government Areas otherwise referred to as Delta North will readily transform to Anioma State with ease, since the region has been recognized as one by other ethnic-groups in the state and Nigeria as a whole. The Anioma people are already recognized as a state in a state, and our other brothers and sisters in our state will not withdraw their support to see that we leave. Homogenous and blessed with abundant human and material resources which can make it stand as an independent state, Anioma State is sure to stand and join the existing states of the federation called Nigeria; however our Anioma leaders need work towards achieving it.

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Feel At Home in Prague by Staying In Prague Apartments

Planning for a vacation to some new location is always fun for everyone. The vacation can be made more exciting if you choose proper accommodation in the destination. For many travelers, staying in hotels is the first choice when it comes to accommodation. In the hotels, you may have rooms or even luxury suits, but you won’t feel at home in the hotels. For a home away from home feeling, you need to stay in Prague apartments. These apartments will be your new home in Prague during your holidays. Just like your home, you can watch TV with your family, cook your own food, and spend time together. If you travel as a group, you can get great deals when you stay in Prague old town apartments.

Luxurious stay

The greatest benefit with Prague Wenceslas square apartments is that you can get all luxuries at affordable prices. Unlike hotels, Prague apartments will not charge you heavily to enjoy luxuries. During high season times when flocks of tourists visit Prague, you can’t imagine yourself getting a room in top Prague hotels. But in the case of apartments, you can reserve one of the apartments in the central area for a much lower price. Many of the Prague old town apartments having swimming pools and sun terraces and so, you don’t have to compromise any facility for the lower cost. Group travelers can enjoy luxury stay together by booking several apartments.

Easy to commute

Most of the Prague apartments are located in the heart of Prague. You can easily commute from the hotel to several popular destinations in Prague. Many apartments are family friendly and they can even provide you access to rental car and taxis. As a group, you can hire a car or bus from the Prague Wenceslas square apartments and start visiting one place after another in Prague.

Suitable for all

Prague apartments are suitable for all types of travelers. You can have fun with your entire family. Even if your family is big, you can reserve two bedroom or three bedroom apartments and feel like everyone is at home. On the other hand, if you are a simple couple looking for affordable accommodation, you can go for studio apartments. Honeymooners can find their own luxury apartments to have the best time ever together. Young people can have total fun in the pool area and other refreshment centres close to the apartments.

Unlike hotels, several Prague apartments provide discounts even during season times. The price will be too low during off season times. It is also possible to find bargain deals and last minute discounts with the apartments.

While choosing apartments, you have to know what you need. Some apartments are exclusive for families and you can’t find tranquil vacation in those apartments. If you wish to spend your time in Prague in silence and peace, you can choose one of the many apartments that provide such holidays. With a proper search on the internet, you can easily find apartments that suit your needs.

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Amsterdam Museums

The Netherlands is affectionately known as ‘the land of museums’ and Amsterdam alone has over 42 museums displaying a vast array of history and artefacts.  Visitors interested in art, sex, erotica, hash, torture, maritime transport, diamonds, religion, the holocaust, beverages, flora and fauna, theatre, archaeology, science and technology are all well catered for.

The most touching, true story and personal account is that of Anne Frank’s house located at Prinsengracht opposite 296.  Anne Frank was a 14-year-old Jewish girl growing up during the Second World War.  The house, now a museum open to the public, is a reminder of what happened to so many Jewish families during the holocaust.  Visitors are able to walk through the house and even climb up to the secret annexe where Anne and her family hid for so long from the Nazi’s prior to their capture.  During that time Anne kept a diary which a family friend later had published, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.  For more information about living in Amsterdam during the years of German occupation, An Interrupted Life by Etty Hillesum is about a young Jewish woman living in Amsterdam prior to her death at Auschwitz.  More information about the Jews and their history may be found at the Jewish Museum (Joods Historisch Museum) at Jonas Daniel Meijerplein 2-4.

Other more shocking but on some accounts, humorous, artefacts may be found in the Torture Museum, located near Muntplein on the left bank of the Singel canal.  It is a small but confronting documentary of human cruelty displaying instruments used on prisoners throughout the medieval times for crimes we would today regard as petty.

The Tulip Museum also on Prinsengracht (112) just over the bridge from Anne Frank’s house may offer solace after appreciating such terror as that experienced by Jewish families during the holocaust and medieval prisoners.  The tulip is the floral symbol of the Netherlands and the museum presents the history of the cultivation of the tulip including the tulip mania of the 17th century.

On a lighter note, the Sex Museum – Temple of Venus is located just in front of Centraal Station on the way to Dam Square consists of a rich collection of art, photography, sculptures, plates and other wares displaying the beauty of human sexuality.  Once in the mood, the Erotic Museum in the heart of the Red Light district is sure to provide pleasure if not a good laugh.  It displays a series of John Lennon’s lithographs, erotic photography, and an adult version of ‘Snow White and Seven Dwarfs’ is projected in a separate room.  There is even a vending machine holding the most unusual condoms for sale for those who wish to purchase in public!

The Hash, Hemp and Marijuana Museum at Oudezijgs Achterburgwal 148, presents convincing displays about the various constructive uses of hemp such as fuel, clothes and paper.  According to the museum, one hectare of cannabis plants can make the same amount of paper as four hectares of forest.  The hemp seed also produces oil which is good for many things including human health.  Once upon a time it was illegal not to grow a plant of cannabis for the government and it is only due to international pressure that it is officially illegal in Amsterdam.

If the controversy proves too much or information overflow builds up a thirst, the Vodka Museum at Damrack 33 in front of Centraal Station features the history of Russian Vodka.  There is an amazing collection of old vodka bottles in timeline order in addition to a wide selection of vodka from all around the world for sale in shots on the spot at the elegant Museum bar.

A bigger thirst may send visitors to the Heineken Brewery further out at 78 Stadhouderskade.  Brewery tours are held each weekday in the morning for a donation which is given to several different charities.  Amsterdam’s brewery was Heineken’s first, opened in 1864, and the tour guides visitors through the whole brewery process including the old brewing facilities and a beer museum.  Cold beers are served in a large drinking hall overlooking the city at the end of the tour.

After a short break in the many coffee shops all over Amsterdam, art lovers should never miss the opportunity to view Vincent Van Gogh’s Museum at Paulus Potterstraat 7, which is home to the world’s largest collection of the most important Dutch artist of the 19th century in chronological order.  Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art is close by on Paulus Potterstraat 13.  Other art museums include Rembrandthuis Museum on Jodenbreestraat 4-6 and the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam’s largest at Stadhouderskade 42.

These are just some of Amsterdam’s museums but of all, the Amsterdam Historisch Museum at 92 Kalverstraat is the best designed.  The former orphanage exhibits 700 years of the city’s history with a focus around the Golden Age of Amsterdam in the 17th century.  It was during this time that the city flourished as the richest city in the world.  Some of the exhibits even included actual traded goods which contributed to its success of the time.

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Berlin Travel

Whether traveling by cruise, bus, bike or foot, Berlin, Germany’s largest city, has a multitude of guided tours to satisfy any traveler. From the Berlin Wall to Checkpoint Charlie, guided tours provide travelers the means to see the highlights of the city while providing captivating historical accounts.

Travel by bike for a four-hour tour of the Berlin Wall, Hitler’s Bunker, the Brandenburg Gate, and other exciting destinations, including a rest in one of Berlin’s most popular beer gardens. If biking isn’t your travel choice, perhaps a bus tour could showcase all this city has to offer. Transform from tourist to travel guide and choose one of the fifteen different landmarks at which to disembark from the bus and explore at your leisure, or remain on the bus for the full two-hour tour of the city. For a more personalized tour, travel by foot to feel the full impact of the history contained in this beautiful city. Each walking tour can be customized to meet the needs of the tourist, ranging from pub crawls to the historic Berlin walk. Choose from a variety of museums including the Altes, the Pergamon, and the Deutsch Guggenheim. After a long day of walking around the city, relax on a three-hour river cruise under the stars. See the city illuminated at night while enjoying a glass of your favorite German beverage.

Continue relaxing at one of the many hotels of Berlin. Stay at the Grand Hotel Esplanade, a five-star hotel located within a short walk of the Tiergarten Park, the Victory Column, and the Schloss Bellevue Palace. The Swissotel Berlin, another five-star accommodation, sits in the heart of the famed shopping district of the city. The underground car park can accommodate up to 150 cars, ideal for those tourists with rental cars. Enjoy the luxury of The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin, located adjacent to the Sony Center, with check-in 24-hours a day and most attractions within walking distance.

If five-star lodgings would break the budget, perhaps a three-star hotel would fit the bill. Express by Holiday Inn Berlin City Centre is located just a short distance from Potsdamer Platz Square. From Mark Hotel Meineke take a mere 6 minutes to walk to the Kurfürstendamm, Berlin’s famous shopping area, and only 10 minutes to the Zoologischer Garten train station and zoo. Utilizing the city rails, easily navigate to any destination quickly and effortlessly.

Choose a hotel near one of the many top destinations, such as Alexanderplatz, Potsdamer Platz, or Kurfürstendamm. Park Inn Berlin-Alexanderplatz offers a wonderful view of the city from the 39th floor, and is directly in the center of the historic center of Berlin. The Mandala Hotel is located strategically near the new central train station at Potsdamer Platz, and within walking distance of numerous attractions such as the Holocaust Memorial, the Philharmonie, and the Berlin Cathedral. Across from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial church sits Hotel Boulevard Berlin, with a rooftop garden and public transport links at the doorstep. This hotel is conveniently located in the Kurfürstendamm shopping district, and conveniently near the Tegel Airport.

Regardless of the type of tour or accommodations, Berlin is a spectacular destination that should be at the top of anyone’s travel list. Whether business or pleasure, Berlin has the resources to satisfy the needs of each and every visitor.

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What do you like to do after your flight to Australia ?

After getting off their flight to Australia, older holidaymakers particularly enjoy getting involved in cultural activities, it has been suggested.

This is according to a new study by Saga Holidays which indicates that people over the age of 50 would rather spend time learning about new cultures than lie on a beach to get a tan.

Some 32 per cent of respondents say they look forward to experiencing new ways of life when going on holiday, while seven per cent are keen to meet new people.

Commenting on the findings, Andrew Goodsell, executive chairman of the Saga Group – which recently found that Minis are particularly popular cars with older people – said that many older tourists are “great adventurers” who enjoy gaining an insight into their holiday destinations.

“It’s no surprise to us that they seek adventure and new cultures. Good food, good company and active sightseeing around the world are great contributors to that healthy and uplifting feeling that is more important than just catching the rays,” he added.

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Sakura (Tanque Verde) Review

Cleanliness of restaurant

For those of you who have never been to Sakura, let me tell you a little something about the way they prepare your food. You have a choice between sitting at a nice table with your family, or sitting around a grill with a cook throwing things at you. Of course we took the second option.

You would think a restaurant that prepared food at your table would be a little messy, but to my surprise, it wasn’t. I even went to the bathroom to try to find something wrong! Besides a crack in the sink, I couldn’t find anything wrong in the cleanliness department. (And I was really trying!)

Quality and speed of service

We called ahead to make a reservation, but we found out that they don’t do reservations, but they do have a “call ahead” program – which we did. When we arrived we got to walk in front of all the other people waiting and sat right at our table. (I am sure this made them very happy.)

We sat at our table for what seemed like a long time before our server came around to get our drink order. I am not sure if she knew the hostess had sat us there or not. (I was getting thirsty without my Diet Coke.)

Unfortunately for me, this is another Pepsi restaurant. (If you have been reading my other review, you will remember that I consume more Diet Coke than most small countries.) So today I had to have Diet Pepsi. I am sure my server appreciated the fact that I had only 6 refills.

Besides the little wait at the start, the service was fine. She was quick with the refills and the check was presented at the proper time.

Quality of food

Let me tell you how it works. Your table places their order and your server gives the information to your chef. Your chef gets your uncooked food all prepared and brings everything right to your table.

After playing a few “egg” tricks (yes, raw egg tricks) he starts cooking up your food.
If you have never seen this before, it can be a lot of fun!

My wife ordered the Teppan Shrimp and I ordered the New York Steak and an appetizer of fried calamari. Before our meal they delivered a type of broth soup which we thought was really good (after we picked out the mushrooms – sorry).

The calamari was good. Even my wife who has been afraid to eat calamari thought it was good! They threw in a couple extra goodies on our appetizer plate: a fried mushroom, fried cauliflower, a fried zuccini, an onion ring and a fried carrot. Yes, that is right, a fried carrot. (I lost my sense of adventure on the carrot.) Everything so far was good.

Our chef was young and a little inexperienced when it came to his show. (I actually watched a different cook part of the time!) But he did give a nice show and cooked our food very well. You get a choice between white rice or fried rice for $2.00 more. The fried rice is worth it! We were very happy with the fried rice.

Somehow our chef ended up preparing an extra steak and we all enjoyed eating more steak than we paid for. But he asked us to not tell anyone so if you are reading this, shhhhhhhh, keep the secret. So my portion was very generous and it tasted wonderful! My wife’s shrimp portion was also generous and she enjoyed her shrimp as much as I did my steak.

They like to give you “freebies” here – like the extra goodies with the calamari, extra steak -everyone got a little steak even those who didn’t order it – and everyone also got a little shrimp – even if you didn’t order it.

Overall Dining Experience

We enjoyed going here. The price was fine – 2 meals, 2 soft drinks and an appetizer for about $60.00. After the check was presented I leaned over and asked my wife if she had her coupon and, to my surprise, her response was, “Sorry, no coupon”. (If you have been following along on other reviews, you will remember my wife almost ALWAYS has a coupon!.) So anyway, besides the slow start everything else ran smoothly and tasted great.

Oh, before I forget, we got a visit from the manager. He just wanted to make sure we had a good experience. Nice touch!

I recommend Sakura for anyone who wants a different type of experience, wants to have fun and wants to enjoy good food.

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