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Travel Switzerland

With a population of around 7.5 million Switzerland is a small country surrounded by Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, and France. It is small, mountainous and wealthy that evokes the images of chocolates, cheese, watches, bankers, and snow-capped mountains, Flower-covered meadows and bell-ringing cows. There are many beautiful and fascinating places around the world, but very few are as picturesque and awe-inspiring as Switzerland. It’s one of those places that not only lives up to its image, but exceeds it. It’s a very tourist friendly place with great people, good food and rich Switzerland with airline tickets that suits you the best as you will not get the chance to visit this gorgeous place every day. So book your airline tickets to Switzerland now and grab this once in a life time opportunity.

The simple and easiest way to experience Switzerland is through airline tickets. Choose any competent travel website and get your airline tickets at most affordable prices. Switzerland is a delight for hikers, train buffs and chocolate freaks, and is a stunning destination for travelers of all stripes. It gives a numerous scope for outdoor activities like Hiking, mountaineering and ski mountaineering, paragliding and hang-gliding, water-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, rafting, and canoeing. As an elegant tourist destination it offers such top ski resorts such as Zermatt, Verbier and celebrity-studded St Moritz, while the white peaks of mountains set against blue skies make a wonderful backdrop for summertime hiking. The famous Alps and the Jura slopes are great places for skiing.

If you plan to travel Switzerland for a week, here’s a good introductory schedule for you. It involves a lot of travel, but hits most of Switzerland’s highlights:

Day 1 – Zermatt
Day 2 – extra day in Zermatt
Day 3 – Murren or Wengen
Day 4 – extra day in Murren or Wengen
Day 5 – Lucerne or Luzern
Day 6 – Lugano
Day 7 – Zurich

With easy access to airline tickets to Switzerland & lowest international airfares options available, flying to Switzerland is now as easy business as eating a piece of cake. Airline tickets have made your dream of holidaying in this country a reality. Enjoy your trip to Switzerland by booking cheap airline and get heavy discount on your international flights .you don’t have to spend extra money on your international air line tickets like before as we bring you the newest offers on airline tickets for almost all the major cities in the world.

All the major airlines provide you in and out airline tickets to Switzerland. You may compare and consider the airline that you find the best. However it is smart to look and shop around different airlines to get the lowest possible rates on the tickets. Or you can take the help from travel consolidators which will give the best deals on airline tickets to whichever place that your heart desires.

Switzerland is not only a place for professionals’ hikers or skiers. The very old capital of Berne provides excellent opportunities for sightseeing, shopping and traditional folk entertainment while the largest city, Zürich opens the gate for arts, design and nightlife, from opera and world-class theatre to stylish bars and nightclubs. As Switzerland is bordered with four other exciting places, you might get airline tickets for these places on good discounts if you plan to book your tickets along with Switzerland.

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Turkey Ephesus – The Caves Of The 7 Sleepers, The Statue, The House And The Fountain Of Saint Mary

The caves of the 7 sleepers is the place where seven Christian young men hid themselves with their dog when they were fleeing the wrath and punishment of the idolaters. Later, they were found and murdered during the reign of Decius, the Roman emperor, in the middle of the 3rd century. It is said that they were resurrected after 200 years during the reign of Emperor Theodosius II in the 5th century. After that resurrection, many of those who believed in Christ wished to be buried in this place and they were, so that a large graveyard was formed with about a thousand graves, tombs and monasteries. Up to the 6th century it was enlarged continually and became a place of pilgrimage. This continued up to the 12th century. After that century it fell into ruins. The graves are on the slope of Panayir mountain facing Selcuk. The legend told above does not only exist in Christianity, but is also known as “Eshab Ul-Kehf” in the Muslim world.

You can climb up Panaya-Kapulu by a smooth but winding asphalt road, 9 km. in length, from Ephesus. After climbing up the hill 450 m. high above sea-level, you come down again a hundred metres over a slope, until you arrive at a peaceful place, where there are some inhabitants, and buildings that create an air of holiness. To the left side, when you pass through the olive trees, the first significant thing to be seen is the statue of St. Mary on the wall under the trees, which welcomes you with raised arms. Hundreds of people regarded as pilgrims, pass before this statue with reverence on every day of the year, especially at Easter. You can come here on foot from the shore.

The view of St. Mary’s House after restoration is wonderful. The house was discovered through the explorations of Pere Poulin and Young in the year 1892, and formerly its site was predicted by the Bavarian sage, Catherine Emmerich (1774-1824), two years before her death. When the house was discovered, the roof was broken down and only the ruins of the walls were left standing. It is said that those were the ruins of a church dedicated to St. Mary in the 9th century.

St. Mary lived her last days drinking the healing water of a fountain (30-35 A.D.). There are so many miracles worked by this water and by the ash in the fireplace of St. Mary’s House, that there is hardly anybody who has not witnessed them; people with cancer, whom doctors said were incurable, cripples brought on a stretcher, and children with disabled bones from birth, have all been cured here.

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Figures on Spain’s Tourist Economy

It has been established in many nations that tourism is one of the biggest industries. Many countries, like Spain, allot national budgets for the improvement of many facilities for tourists. Aside from that, resources are set aside to encourage and invite foreigners to travel and visit the many sights in Spain. The annual expenditure of Spain for travel and tourism alone reaches over $45 billion. There are many ideal qualities of the Spanish region which attract many foreign visitors every year. Among these are the climate, beaches, and historic sites of the country. 

According to the United States Office of Travel and Tourism Industries, in 2005 to 2006, there were about 995,000 travels by US tourists to Spain. Further more, data presented by the National Statistics office of the United Kingdom state that Spain is among the most favorite European places to visit by UK residents. In 2005 alone, there were an estimated 13.8 million UK residents who traveled to Spain for their vacation. It was also detected by analysts that the revenue of Spain from online travel bookings by foreign visitors is showing significant increases over the past years. More and more hotels are now being built in Spain to accommodate the every-growing tourism industry of the country.

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) has its headquarters in the Spanish capital of Madrid. In a WTO report in 2007, there are about 60 million international visitors to Spain every year. Second to France, Spain is known as one of the most favorite world destinations. According to Euromonitor International, not only are UK residents fond of visiting Spain, but also German and French tourists as well, with numbers increasing every year.

As you can see, there are many reasons why Spain should be in your itinerary when you take a holiday with your family. Find out more about the sights and attractions in Spain, and check out the accommodations available.

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Holland America Cruise To Alaska

One of the most popular cruises in the United States is a cruise to Alaska. The Holland America cruise to Alaska is one of the best out there and they have become recognized as the leader for Alaska cruises. They offer cruises from May all the way through September.

Holland America has an elite fleet of cruise ships with many amenities that include elegant dining, inside rooms, ocean view rooms, suites, penthouse suites, a spa, a fitness center, and so much more.

Holland America offers four seven day passenger cruises to Alaska

Holland American Glacier Bay Discovery Cruises

This cruise can be taken with two different itineraries, one is north bound to Alaska and one is south bound from Alaska. Both go through the Glacier Bay National Parke and offer a great opportunity to see some of the most beautiful glaciers in the world.

Holland American Alaskan Explorer Cruises

The Explorer Cruises also have two itineraries and both are round trip from Seattle. The first offers a scenic route through Glacier Bay National Park, plus the Vancouver Island Cruise. This one also makes a stop in Victoria, British Columbia. The other one offers a cruise through Yakutat Bay and the Hubbard Glacier. It also stops in Victoria.

Holland American Glacier Bay Inside Passage Cruises

Again, the Glacier Bay Inside Passage Cruise offers two itineraries. They are both round trip from Vancouver and they both include cruising through Glacier Bay National Park.

Holland American Hubbard Glacier Discovery Cruises

The Hubbard Glacier Discover Cruises are probably the most popular and you can choose between north bound or south bound cruises. They both go through Yakutat Bay and the Hubbard Glacier. These cruises offer some exciting scenery and wildlife along the way.

Of course, all of these cruises offer other stops along the way including: Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, and Anchorage. An Alaskan Cruise will create memories that will never be forgotten and the leader in the industry will provide all the luxury accommodations that are necessary on your Holland America Cruise To Alaska.

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Free Places to Visit in Germany, Berlin

Germany is a wonderful place to travel whether it be a snowy winter or a summery day. Travel Germany on a budget, there are plenty of cheap Germany attractions that are both low cost or even free! Have a cheap European experience and take some advice from this guide on how to travel Germany on a budget!

Free things to do in Germany

Forget an over-priced holiday, this article will guide you to some of the best free places in Germany, from free German tours to relaxing on the Inner city beach.

The Berlin wall

Berliner Mauer in German, the Berlin wall was a physical wall that circled West Berlin – cutting it off from East Germany, East Berlin, and the German Democratic Public. The historic wall fell in November of 1989, when the government allowed citizens to go to and from each side of the wall. It was destroyed by both an excited public (the wall was not popular at all) – and later by heavy machinery. Parts of the wall remain intact and can be viewed on your travels for free! Why not visit the free Berlin wall documentation centre? It is also a gateway to cheap Germany education on this historic wall.

Free Tours of Berlin

There are many free Berlin tours run by Sandermans at . Did the Berlin wall above spark your interest? Well see it for free on a free guided tour! It is just one of the many stops on the brilliant free guided tour of Berlin – now that is seeing Europe cheap! Other stops include the Holocaust memorial, Pariser Platz and the famous Gendarmenmarkt.

Watch the video below to get an idea of what the tour is like before you decide to go. They run everyday and are guided by an expert guide for free.

Inner City Beach

My favourite place in Germany is Berlin’s Inner City Beach, or locally known as the Strandbar. I went there last year and it was amazing. The people are so friendly and it is very relaxing, to sit back in a deck chair and enjoy what Germany has to offer for free. If you are planning a trip to Germany, definitely make some time to take a break at the Strandbar! It is free and allows you the relax in europe cheap. If you feel like spending a bit of money, the bar is relatively cheap and is good to sit down and have a drink with friends, locals and other travellers alike!

I hope this guide has inspired you to visit some of these places in Germany, remember there is no better day than a free day while you are on holidays. A Cheap Germany is a good Germany!

Enjoy 😀

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South African Visas Required When Traveling Overseas

South African passport holders need a visa to enter the Schengen area of Europe. The countries of the Schengen territory are Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

If you are visiting only one Schengen country, you must apply for a Schengen visa at that country’s embassy or consulate.

If you intend visiting several Schengen countries, you must apply for your Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of the country where you will be spending the most time. For example, if you are visiting Germany for three days, France and the Netherlands for two days each, you would apply for your Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of Germany.

If you are visiting several Schengen countries, but will not have a main destination, you must apply for your Schengen visa at the embassy or consulate of the first country you enter.

A Schengen visa is comparable to a multiple visa for all the above countries, and you need only one Schengen visa. There are several kinds of Schengen visas – a transit visa, a short-stay visa, a long-stay visa, an airport-transit visa and a group visa (only under some circumstances). The general cost of a Schengen visa (of any category) is l60 (R575).

When applying for any visa, you must phone the embassy or consulate concerned.

A Schengen visa will be issued to South Africans on a temporary passport provided the passenger is travelling within two months of the issue of that temporary passport and if that traveller has a South African identity document. Some Schengen countries do not allow entry on a temporary passport. Check before you travel.

Austria: Austrian Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-452-9155. Cost: E60.

Belgium: Belgian Consulate-General, Rosebank, Joburg, phone 011-912-9600. Cost: E60.

Britain: South African passport holders do not need a visa to enter Britain for visits of up to six months. However, visa clearance cannot be issued on a temporary passport. Working holiday makers must have a visa when entering Britain. Working-visa applications should be made at the DHL Visa Centre (the British High Commission’s outsource partner). Call 0861-858-4727 or go to Cost: R195 to DHL plus cost of relevant visa.

Canary Islands: SA passport holders will need a Schengen visa for entry. The Spanish Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-460-0123. Cost: E60.

Cyprus: Cyprus High Commission, Pretoria, 012-342-5258. Cost: R110.

Denmark: Royal Danish Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-430-9340 or Royal Danish Consulate-General, Sandton, phone 011-804-3374. Cost: E60.

Finland: The Embassy of Finland, Pretoria, phone 012-343-0275. Cost: E60.

France: French Consulate-General, Rosebank, phone 011-778-5600. Cost: E60.

Germany: German Embassy – visa section, Pretoria, 012-427-8999. Cost: E60.

Greece: Greek Consulate-General, Illovo, 011-214-2300. Cost: E60.

Iceland: The Royal Danish Embassy represents Iceland in the issuing of visas, Royal Danish Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-430-9340 or the Royal Danish Consulate-General, Sandton, phone 011-804-3374. Cost: E60.

Ireland: SA passport holders do not need a visa to enter Ireland for a stay of up to three months. Contact the Embassy of Ireland, Pretoria, 012-342-5062 for further information.

Italy: The Italian Embassy in Pretoria issues visas only to Pretoria residents. Phone 012-423-0000. Applications from South Africans living in the postal code areas 1000 to 2899 and 9300 to 9999 can be made to the Consulate-General of Italy, Houghton, phone 011-728-1392. Cost: E60.

Luxembourg: The Belgian Consulate-General, phone 011-912-9600. Cost: E60. South Africans with temporary passports are not allowed entry into Luxembourg.

Malta: SA passport holders need a visa to enter Malta, but if you already have a Schengen visa, you can enter Malta on that. The Honourary Consulate for Malta, Cape Town, phone 021-430-5319. Contact the Malta government website

Monaco: Contact the Honorary Consulate of Monaco on 021-702-0991/2.

Netherlands: The Netherlands Embassy, Pretoria, phone, 012-425-4500. Cost: E60. South Africans travelling on a temporary passport will not be allowed to enter the Netherlands.

Norway: Royal Norwegian Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-342-6100. Cost E60. As well as a Schengen visa, South Africans travelling on a temporary passport must have their SA identity books to show as proof of residence.

Portugal: Portuguese Consulate-General, Johannesburg, 011-622-0645-9 or the Portuguese Embassy – consular section, Pretoria, 012-341-5522. Cost: E60.

Spain: The Spanish Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-460-0123. Cost: E60. As well as a Schengen visa, South Africans travelling on a temporary passport must have their SA identity books to show as proof of residence.

Sweden: Swedish Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-426-6400. Cost: E60.

Switzerland: SA passport holders do not need a visa to enter Switzerland for a visit not exceeding three months. But if you are studying, working, etc, you need a visa. The Embassy of Switzerland, Pretoria, phone 012-452-0660.

Turkey: South African passport holders need a visa to enter Turkey. The Turkish Embassy, Pretoria, phone 012-342-6053/4. The cost of a visa is R676.

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Vikings in Copenhagen – An Essential Part of Denmark’s History

Vikings are Danish people who had their heydays between 800 and 1050 AC. They were deemed powerful men because of their ability to conquer places far beyond their home country. They did so with help from their immense skills in developing ships, which had been instrumental in discovering new land areas that were previously unheard of.

Because of their high sense of adventurism, they were able to set foot on and conquered countries like Turkey, Russia, Greenland, and Iceland, among others. Known for wearing helmets with horns and possessing weaponry that was representative of the contributions of the Iron Age; Vikings often scared people, either unconsciously or deliberately. They usually scared off merchants who would accidentally meet them in seas or on shores. This was because of a tendency to instill fear among persons they met. Vikings were commonly referred to either as “pirates” or “barbarians from the North.”

When one speaks of this country in the North, stories about the Vikings are always mentioned. They are one of the basic reasons people fond of history visit this country for a tour.

For people curious about history of these men, one best place to visit is the Viking Ship Museum situated in Roskilde, whose shores were once a favorite settlement place of the brave sea travelers.

In this museum, visitors are made to understand ship-building and the prowess of Vikings by exhibiting representations of motor vehicles that dominated across seas during ancient times.

People going to the site are also entertained by headdresses, accessories, and peculiar attires of these strong men. Tourists may borrow and wear these for purposes of picture takings, giving tourists the opportunity to pretend to be a Viking for a time.

Viking Ship Museum is not the only one of its kind. Besides this said gallery, the National Museum serves as another shelter for exhibits that are partly aimed at remembering Viking glory days and understanding their ways of life.

This site is located at the capital city of Copenhagen, and is now one of the most popular destinations of foreigners visiting Denmark.

Places in Denmark that would help European people better appreciate its history, and that will help people from foreign countries to learn about Danish origins is abundant and are just waiting to be explored.

The rich Denmark history made colorful by the interesting story of the Vikings is one of main reason why many tourists are enticed to visit this country in the northern part of Europe.

Tourist officials of Denmark said that one of the most interesting things about the country is its rich history, where Vikings had a huge role to play. People who had already traveled to this amazing country said that one of the places they did not fail to miss were those that educated them about stories of these brave and fierce sea travelers.

For people interested to visit this country in the North, simply ask a travel agency of choice to book an exciting adventure in the land of the Vikings.

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Frugal Travel Tips For Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of my favorite cities in the world. A mix of new and old, history and shopping, Europe and Asia, Istanbul provides something for everyone, especially the frugal traveler. 

The Blue Mosque

When I think of Istanbul artwork, I think of the beautiful blue and white tiles and no where will a traveler find more beautiful examples of 17th century Blue Iznik tiles than in the Blue Mosque. The entrance fee is free but as it is a religious site, women should bring a head scarf (I always walk with one) and dress modestly.

The Grand Bazaar

This, one of the largest covered markets in the world, is where the frugal traveler finds souvenirs. Favorites include tiles, carpets, and apple tea sets. Haggling is a must and shopkeepers are quite persistent (though cheerful). The concept of personal space is different than in North America so expect to get up close and personal. That is part of the fun.

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was first a basilica, then a mosque, and today a museum. Often when travelers see photos of Istanbul, this building is featured. There is an entrance fee (about $10 U.S.) but the view of the 9th to 10th century mosaics are worth it. This site is rather crowded so time accordingly.

Carpet Shopping

Carpet shopping in Turkey is an experience. Shoppers are served the delicious apple tea in beautiful tea sets while carpets are unrolled before them. In the good carpet shops, travelers may see one of a kind silk carpets from places such as Hereke, each signed by the artist.

Fish Sandwiches

Along the Bosphorus, under the Galata Bridge, are tiny little restaurants specializing in the must eat local food in Istanbul, the fish sandwich. It is exactly as it sounds, fish in bread, and eaten by both locals and travelers. And they are very inexpensive.

Istanbul, one of my favorite cities in the world, has something to interest everyone. There are great cultural sights, unique shopping experiences and inexpensive eating options.

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Greece and 5 Places You Must Visit

Greece, which is also known as the Hellenic Republic, is located in southeast Europe. The country has a mixed heritage from the empires of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Ottomans, and Byzantines. Greece is famous for its role in introducing to the world the concept of democracy, philosophy, the Olympic Games, and drama.

Be sure to try the local Mediterranean cuisine including the internationally famous Greek salad, moussaka, stifado, Greek Salad, spanakopita, Souvlaki, and mezze (a small meal) that comes with assorted accompaniments like tzatziki, grilled octopus and small fish, feta cheese, dolmades, pulses, olives, and cheese. The local brew of ouzo, metaxa, and the retsina wine are favorites among the Greeks.

History lovers will want to spend some time walking through Athens for a glimpse of the Parthenon. The acropolis is one of the most recognizable icons of Greece and is a good representation of Classical Greek culture. Other Athenian attractions include the Agora, National Archaeological Museum, Syntagma Square, the Plaka, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon, Athens Olympic Stadium, Lycabettus Hill, the Byzantine Museum, the National Garden, and the Triumphal Arch of Galerius at Thessaloniki, Vergina.

Phaistos and Knossos are two of the best places to visit on the island of Crete. Noted as one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea, it has only recently been reunited with Greece in the last century after years of Ottoman rule. Crete has much to offer by virtue of its beautiful beaches, delicious food, and warm locals.

Greece is home to many castles, but the one in Rhodes is definitely not to be missed. Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town is said to be the oldest medieval town in Europe, which has been continuously inhabited. The surroundings are a mixture of ruins from ancient Greek, Byzantine monuments, medieval architecture, and Ottoman bazaars. The modern city surrounding the old city walls is contained by a long, wide beach.

The Meteora is another must-see for all visitors to Greece. It is a complex of six monasteries built atop natural sandstone rock pillars: Great Meteoron (or Transfiguration), Varlaam, St. Stephen, Holy Trinity, St. Nicholas Anapausas and Rousanou. These six remain from the original twenty that once stood on these pillars. It is extremely difficult to access these monasteries, requiring long ladders to be lashed together or large nets that can be used to haul goods and people.

Naxos Island in the Cyclades is also worth a visit for a glimpse of one of Europe’s oldest churches. The Panagia Drossiani is currently still in use and has frescos dating back to the 6th century.

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Salzburg-An Essential Guide to Salzburg Austria

Salzburg is a mid-sized city in western Austria with a population of about 150000 people. As a member of the European Union, the currency used is the Euro. Salzburg is subject to the Alpine climate; winters are quite cold and usually bring snow while the summer is hot and inviting, although prolonged rain showers are not uncommon.

The city of Salzburg is situated on the site of the old Roman settlement called Juvavum. Towards the end of the seventh century, St Rupert founded a bishopric in the city, and the growth of the city began anew. By the end of the eighteenth century, the city was in decline, and during the Napoleonic Wars, came under the control of both France and Bavaria. Further recession followed and after World War I, and during the second World War, many of the beautiful buildings in the city were damaged or destroyed. On May 15 1955, following a bitter involvement in the war, Austria declared itself neutral and joined the United Nations.

The most famous son of Salzburg is Wolfgang Aamdeus Mozart who was born there in 1756, and a statue celebrates the great composer at Mozartplatz in the heart of the city. Mozart’s birthplace is now a museum in his honour and house a number of his childhood instruments as well as correspondence, manuscripts and portraits. The Mozart Museum is located at Getreidegasse 9.

A stroll through the old town is a rewarding experience. This area is a mass of little streets, squares, courtyards and plazas. There are picturesque fountains and churches to explore. Domplatz & Kapitelplatz are bustling streets where music can be heard and the bargaining of the locals in the markets. Visitors can also tour the old town in a horse-drawn carriage, the original taxis of Salzburg.

Scholss Hellbrunn (Hellbrun Palace) is a lovely place to visit with its elegant buildings, beautiful gardens, and trick fountains and many other water-features which make this a fun attraction for the whole family to enjoy. It is located about 4km out of the old town.

For eating and drinking, Salzburg offers many options. There are numerous outdoor beer gardens which are perfect on a sunny afternoon, or perhaps one of the intimate coffee-houses would be appeal. Of course, there are a large number of fine restaurants in the city to suit every palate and pocket.

There is a hopping nightlife scene in Salzburg, but you wont find it by looking for flashing neon lights as such garish blots are prohibited by law. Instead the thriving clubs and pubs are to be found in innocuous looking premises on the banks of the Salzach.

Salzburg is a vibrant and beautiful city: clean and with a great feeling of space due to the traffic restrictions, there is much to see and do in the city and a great trip is guaranteed.

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