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Teaching Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is one of the most preferred destinations for professionals willing to relocate in the Middle East. The economy of Saudi Arabia is based on oil reserves and petroleum exports like rest of the Middle East countries.

The government of Saudi Arabia is always concerned about its citizens and is always seen making efforts to make them comfortable. It is now trying to diversify the economy by focusing on other sectors like education, travel and tourism, healthcare, telecom, construction, banking, IT, Accounting, etc. This diversification of economy will naturally create thousands of jobs in Saudi Arabia across all the sectors.

The teaching industry of Saudi Arabia attracts a large number of expatriates to the Kingdom. The population of foreign workforce is so high that there are special provisions in various sectors to cater to their needs. For instance, in academic sector, there are numerous international schools in Saudi Arabia for the education of the children of expatriates. Also, the use of English as a language for communication emphasizes on the hospitality of the government and the people of Saudi Arabia toward migrant population.

Teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia are available on contractual basis though the time period may vary. Since, the religion of the Kingdom is Islam, it is a very conservative country that offers employment opportunities to men more than women. Jobs in teaching in Saudi Arabia are also more open to males than females from abroad though they may be preferred when accompanying their husbands. Women already living in the Kingdom be they natives or migrants can easily get teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia as compared to those alone from outside.

Saudi Arabia provides various options to those looking for a career in teaching. You may teach in schools-both national and international as well as take private tuitions. Both the salaries offered and the working environments are good in Saudi Arabian schools. English teachers are especially in high demand in Saudi Arabia along with other subject specialists. There are various teaching related jobs in Saudi Arabia such as Principals, associates, university professors, language experts, instructors, coordinators, quality experts, teachers, etc.

If you are looking for teaching jobs in Saudi Arabia, you can apply through newspapers, recruitment agencies and job portals. You may apply directly to the school or college if the vacancy is advertised on their official website. When short listed, you will be called for an interview and other rounds to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. On selection, a contract is drawn between the organization and the candidate which serves as the main document that decides your period of stay in the Kingdom. Any breach in the contract on either side could lead to serious consequences, so, it is advisable to read the contract carefully before signing it. All the details regarding the compensation, period of stay, perks, benefits, holidays, etc. should be cleared up with the employer to avoid any problems or hassles in future.

Saudi Arabia welcomes expatriates with open arms as it needs their services to boost the economy. But, it is important to know the culture and lifestyle followed to be able to adjust easily in the new environment. Also, the teachers may expect to meet with a different kind of group of students in Saudi Arabia as it has just started giving such importance to education.

You should ideally become a part of the forum or community of the expatriates already living and teaching in Saudi Arabia. So, if you are willing to adjust and get paid hefty amounts of salaries, it is the right place for you.

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