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Engineering Jobs and Living in Qatar

Qatar, an oil and gas rich nation in the Middle East has the highest GDP per capita in the world. This state attracts thousands of workers from outside the country as it offers quick money in short period of time. It is one of the most preferred expat destinations that welcomes foreign workforce on its shores.

Professionals from around the world can find plenty of jobs in Qatar as there is a quick need to develop the emirate. The population of the state is not enough to meet the manpower demand of the companies in Qatar. And so, large scale hiring of highly skilled and well trained professionals from outside the emirate is carried out. The employers recruit these workers for a short duration, usually on contractual basis as government does not allow expatriates to become part of the local population. It wants the state to become self sufficient in every way- in terms of labor requirements, education and healthcare sectors, etc.

Expatriates in Qatar are paid highly, treated well and rewarded for their efforts at the end of their contracts. Even though, the government wishes to make the state self dependent, the demand and the need for foreign workforce won’t evade for at least 2 to 3 decades. The kind of requirement and jobs in Qatar may change but the need for services from well trained expatriates will not die down. This emphasizes on the fact that the number of employment opportunities in Qatar will grow across the various sectors in coming years. Managerial, professional and technological experience will be in great demand as current favorite remains engineering jobs in Qatar.

Qatar has the third largest LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) reserves in the world. Qatari government is now diversifying its economy which has been growing at a fast pace. It is promoting the emirate as a tourist destination as it offers numerous recreation options like fine beaches, great water sports facilities, a world-class golf course and many superb hotels with advanced technology. It is much more relaxing than other cities in Gulf like Dubai and Bahrain and a lucrative career destination as well.

There is a lot of construction work going on in the state of Qatar for the rapid development of the state. A plethora of jobs in engineering are available in the emirate across all sectors such as mining, oil & gas (offshore & onshore), petrochemical, construction (building, engineering, marine), telecom, wastewater, water treatment, solid waste disposal, industrial plant (light & heavy), railways, environmental, power and others. Engineering jobs for experienced professionals in all areas-mechanical, electrical, civil and software are open for expatriates in Qatar.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar has also become a career hub with thousands of expatriates willing to work in the city. Engineering jobs in Doha attract many well qualified and highly trained expatriates from all across the world. Like other Middle East countries, Qatar too offers handsome salary packages and attractive rewards to the professionals at the end of their working tenure. Living in Qatar is quite affordable as it mainly depends on your lifestyle, habits and the country you belong to. The cost of living comprises food, booze, transport, accommodation, servants, internet, healthcare, leisure activities, schools (when moving with family) and other such things. Since, the government offers many facilities for expatriates, the expenses for most of the things remain low.

Qatar is definitely the right place for those willing to relocate and earn some hefty amounts of money. You can enjoy a different kind of lifestyle while making good savings in short period of time.

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