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Methanol Economy, From the Backstage

A new type of energy use, often are not found in other energy has been “exhausted” in the beginning only. This is a rule, is the History of energy use.Alibaba methanol net offer of such a group: April 18, 2010, the domestic methanol prices, Fuxin 4,000 yuan per ton, 3,500 yuan per ton in Shandong, Jinan, Guangzhou City in Guangdong is only 2,500 yuan per ton. If you read this group of methanol to lay quotations may be read “Double Dutch” indistinguishable, as in China, North and South regions as different things, different levels of economic development, methanol offer vary greatly. Some experts said that, like methanol and other types of energy, the price is follow the market, the price changes, just illustrating the concept of new energy demand is not the same. But the real concern is not the price of methanol, but methanol as a kind of new energy, and its roles. Statistics show that alcohol has a market economy from the “shadow” reached the “front stage.” Methanol economy, has become one of China’s energy economy, more and more beautiful scenery.

From the energy point of view, the history of mankind in the most “hard” period. This is so, is based less and less pressure on fossil fuels, based on human beings have to strive for a sustainable new energy pressure. Is not it, all renewable energy sources including biomass, geothermal energy, have gradually entered the field of vision of human energy consumption, and even some have become alternative energy sources. A few years ago, some experts suggested a new possible approach to more efficient use of existing oil and gas resources, so that the final out of the human dependence on fossil fuels. This method is based on methanol, this methanol is also a “methanol economy” basis. U.S. energy expert George? A? Aura in his “Beyond Oil and Gas Age: methanol economy” in his book, said, methanol is the simplest, safest, easiest to store and transport of liquid hydrocarbons. At present, it is almost always prepared from synthesis gas derived from the synthetic gas from fossil fuels, mainly natural gas or coal incomplete combustion; methanol is also available from other biomass such as municipal sewage in preparation. In addition, the preparation of methanol or dimethyl ether may also be changed from the oxidation of methane.

Therefore, methanol as a new energy, “shadow” has now hidden in the energy family. The current problem is, even though the concept of methanol had been made, but for methanol as a fuel, methanol production for a description of the analysis of the prospects for their development, but also few people do. Summarized the results of expert studies, methanol’s “look” can be outlined as follows: First, methanol is a convenient energy storage medium; Second, it is a convenient transportation and distribution of fuels, including used in methanol fuel cell; again, it is a synthesis of hydrocarbons and their products use raw materials, including polymers and single cell protein. Scientists generally believe that the source of carbon may eventually come from the air, the air everywhere on Earth, but the energy required can be obtained from the corresponding energy.

Therefore, the methanol “clean” and “quality” to make it in the near future to become human “pet.” In recent years, human beings are very concerned about the survival of the environment, concerned about climate change, methanol just be able to protect the environment, maintain climate stability, help. Called “methanol economy,” is through the recycling of excess atmospheric carbon dioxide, to reduce human beings to the adverse effects of the Earth’s climate, which can effectively curb the trend of global warming.Looking forward to “methanol economy” became an important assistant energy economy, do not forget another of the “heroic”, that is ethanol. For most people, the methanol and ethanol no difference, and even that can give up alcohol and enhance the development and use of ethanol. In fact, scientists study concluded that methanol and ethanol, although very similar in chemical composition, the former is a carbon alcohol, the latter two carbon alcohol, both of which derive from the fiber, but now mainly synthetic methanol way to produce. In industry, through the hydrolysis of ethylene to ethanol production; in agriculture, prepared by fermentation from. Using fermentation to produce ethanol, is quite energy consuming. Preparation of methanol because they do not rely on agriculture, thus reducing fossil fuel use. In contrast, not only can not substitute for ethanol, methanol, instead of good properties as methanol, will be humans of all ages.

Global perspective, the development of more and more obvious economic advantages of methanol. Select from the resources point of view, through the existing natural gas to produce methanol oxidation does not require pre generated synthesis gas; from the resource conservation point of view, can be used on industrial emissions of carbon dioxide, “hydrogenated” cycle of production of methanol; from the use of future prospects see, methanol and dimethyl ether as a very convenient transportation fuel, can be used in the development of the next generation battery; from the side chain, using methanol as raw material to produce ethylene and propylene, which extended for the synthesis of hydrocarbons and products guaranteed.Methanol economy is the solution of human energy needs of a new way. Right now, the development of methanol economy has to have some conditions; to the long term perspective, the development of methanol economy has “epoch making” strategic significance. Establishing and Implementing the CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry researchers recently stressed that the economy is the solution of methanol as a future energy strategy and methods. The judge, in the near future will certainly be confirmed.

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