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Be proud that you like hairy girls

Would you condemn a gay man because he seeks comfort in the arms of another person of the same gender instead of the usual companion? Is it his fault the fact that he enjoys this more than what we traditionally know? Everyone is attracted to someone else and if you cannot find it in your heart to accept this, then you have a much bigger problem than you know.

If you enjoy a meal and the person next to you hates it, is he wrong or right? Or you are both entitled to your own opinions? The same principle applies to men with fetishes other the regular ones. For instance, would you look at someone judgmental because he seeks the comfort of women that are not the usual stereotypes, with the same body figure of fashion models?

Sexual preferences are the things that define us as who we are and we should not be ashamed about this aspect of our lives. If you enjoy the company of hairy girls in your bedroom, then you should not be afraid to state that loud and clear. And if there is someone that has a problem with that, then you should let them know that it is their problem and not yours.

Judging someone for their sexual preferences is the same as being a racist. Why should anyone else care if you enjoy sleeping with hairy girls? This would only happen if the person who judges you has an unfulfilling life and is determined to live through others.

Should you let this bother you? Should you allow someone else’s unimportant opinion disturb your way of life? Or should you be very proud of the fact that you enjoy the company of hairy girls and keep on doing what you love most?

The problem with hairy girls is that they are also ashamed of themselves. Therefore it is very hard to find a companion that will suit your tastes, because they are also afraid of coming out in the open. Is there any solution that you can undertake?

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