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Make Your House Cleaning Business Stand Out!

A house cleaning business is a great way to own your own company with very little start-up capital. But because it is a great type of business, there may be many other house cleaning services that you will be competing with in your area. So how can you ensure that your business stands out?

There are a few ways to give your business and your business image a boost and to stand out from the crowd. Check out these ideas and see if it may be easy to implement a few of them with your business.

* Specialize in a very specific demographic
If your cleaning business specializes in a specific demographic, then you can find ways to market to that demographic – making your marketing more focused and effective. For instance, if you are really skilled at taking care of homes that have pets, then your specific target market could be pet owners. You can create specific flyers that showcase your amazing pet hair removal skills and that you are also a pet owner and can understand the special needs of homes with pets. Instead of posting your flyers all over town, you can post them at local pet stores and pet grooming shops.

* Advertise on everything
If you are in business, then let others know! Nowadays a lot of business owners are using their vehicle to advertise their services. A simple magnetic car sign with your information can be a great way and cost effective way to advertise. In addition, promotional items aren’t just for corporations! Consider getting pens, magnets, a duster, or other useful items printed with your company information. You can give it to new customers as a thank you gift and to your current customers around the holidays.

* Give out FREE stuff!
It has been said over and over that a new customer costs more the attain than a current customer costs to keep happy. So if you are new or are looking for new clients, then you may need to eat some costs to get going! Offer a free cleaning of one room for new customers, or two cleanings for the price of one. Yes, you will have to spend some time working without getting paid, but converting a potential customer into a new customers will make up for the loss.

* Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies
Everyone nowadays wants environmentally friendly products. If you are just starting your business, then maybe you can capitalize on this trend and choose to use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions. If you go that route, then you can advertise and market your business accordingly. Eco-friendly cleaning solutions often cost a little more than other types of cleaning solutions, so as a business, your prices can be higher to off-set the cost.

* Wear uniforms
The company, Molly Maids, is a household name. They’ve created a brand and nearly everyone recognizes their little blue cars with the pink writing when they see one. If you are thinking about ways to brand yourself, then you should consider creating something that your clients will notice. A uniform is a great way to distinguish yourself from other cleaning services. Your clients will notice and your clients’ neighbors will notice. A uniform should clearly show your business name and a logo or icon that shows you are in the house cleaning services industry. Your company vehicle can even be given magnetic advertisements to match, just like Molly Maids!

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