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Why Attorneys Specialize Like Doctors

In the medical field, there are often more specialists than general practitioners. This is because the human body is very complex and there are times when a generalized knowledge is not going to be enough to meet a person’s medical needs. The law is even more complex. This is why attorneys specialize like doctors.

Whenever one looks at the yellow pages or does an internet search to find an attorney in his/her area, a list, often very long, pops up. If one looks closely, it is easy to spot the fine print that tells what branch of law that attorney deals with.

Criminal defense lawyers study the criminal codes in effect in the area where they operate so that they can assist individuals accused of a crime in proving themselves innocent, or at least in negotiating for the minimum punishment for their offenses. Sometimes, they are able to find flaws in the handling of a case that allow them to avoid a trial altogether and get a case thrown out of court.

Some attorneys specialize in helping people to obtain Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security laws and rules governing who is and is not disabled can be a complex maze that is enough to confuse the average person and force him/her to either try and work despite intense pain or to become a burden to family members and friends because he/she is unable to pay his/her bills. Social Security lawyers work with the Social Security Administration to ensure that individuals who are disabled receive the compensation they are due.

Another complicated aspect of the law is that dealing with real property. Surface rights, mineral rights, rental and lease agreements, laws governing the changing of hands of real property when a sale is made, and many other features make this an important specialty for lawyers to ensure that property owners’ rights are respected.

There are even attorneys that specialize in understanding medicine and what constitutes accepted and acceptable procedures so that patients who are injured by a doctor not providing the standard of care that is expected may receive compensation for those injuries.

This is only a small sampling of the many specialties available in the practice of law. Each type of law practice has its own rules, regulations, and laws that pertain specifically to that type of work. This is why lawyers are almost always specialized in the field they practice, much like doctors.

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