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The Versatility of a Telehandler

The Telehandler can serve many functions depending upon the item attached to it. The types of attachments that can be put onto the boom end include pallet forks, a bucket, lift table, or muck grab. The most commonly used Telehandler attachment is pallet forks. Pallet forks are most often used for moving loads to or from places that cannot be reached by using conventional forklifts. As such, you can use this machinery with this attachment to take cargo on a pallet from inside a trailer or possible for placing loads onto very high places, such as rooftops.

Although the Telehandler is quite useful due to the boom being able to extend and rise while it is carrying a load, this also can make it unstable. This is because the boom works like a lever, which can make this piece of equipment more and more unstable, thereby decreasing its lifting capacity as the distance from the front part of its wheels and center of its load increases. Operators of this machinery are equipped with load charts to assist him in determining whether a particular task can be handled given the weight, height and boom angle. Many telehandlers also use a computer that has sensors that can monitor the machine and issue a warning to the operator if its limits are exceeded. It may even have a shut-off mechanism. There are some telehandlers, which come with front outriggers, which are like mobile cranes. These front outriggers can serve to extend the capability of the equipment to lift while the machinery is stationary.

Because the end of the Telehandler is on a crane and has a neck with multiple joints, which are moveable, the end of the machine can be precisely controlled as well as steered with more specific aim. It does not simply go just up and down. Telehandlers do not contain caged areas on which workers can stand. Rather, they have a fork for the end of the machine to fit under to lift up crates or palettes, as well as other types of heavy items. This fork also allows for these items to be placed down gently. All of this can be done without requiring a worker to physically stand atop the platform. A great advantage to the Telehandler is how flexible it is, but it is limited in how much of a load it can carry.

The Telehandler certainly has many uses, which makes it a very versatile, and thus, useful piece of equipment. It can handle many jobs where other types of machinery fall short. The crane at the end and the ability to use a great number of different attachments on the end make this a handy piece of equipment for many different types of projects. Always be sure when carrying heavy loads while operating this machinery that the load limits are carefully adhered to so that safety is never compromised.

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