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21st Century Companies and Online Questionnaires

Years ago, a great number of large institutions realized that having numerous capable employees was not enough to improve the business. It seemed like something was missing… but what? What was wrong about the companies’ organization? They knew they could do better, but they were confused about what to change and where to make the changes needed.

This is how the idea of employee and customer satisfaction surveys appeared and was implemented by decision makers around the modern world, subsequently being copied by numerous companies, until it became a trivial thing. These days, if you have or run an institution that comprises more than thirty employees, it’s seen as bad leadership not to ask them how they’re doing from time to time. And critics who think you are not such a good manager if you don’t attempt to get feedback from the people you work with (no matter if they are employees or clients) are undoubtedly right.

If you live in your own turtle shell and you have no idea of what’s going on outside it, you will probably come to make some really bad calls, decisions that may turn very unproductive for your company. This is why you should conduct surveys. How do you do it? What is the simplest method for distributing questionnaires and collecting responses? The answer is quite simple, actually: think about it – what’s the largest distribution channel you can access? From where do you get your information? How are you able to read this article? (drums rolling…) – the Internet! So, the way I see it, the simplest method is creating and distributing an online survey…

Before the Internet, it was actually quite hard to conduct surveys, due to the fact that the whole process needed to be undertaken by mail, and everybody knows how fast that is, and how secure it is. However, after some entrepreneurs understood they could make survey software and would be able to make a site based on it, the survey industry has changed radically. In 2010, hundreds of millions of surveys are taken online, and there’s nothing to indicate that this is going to change.

So this is why large institutions are conducting online questionnaires. In a century where “speed” is the key word, when we always try to make things faster and better, and with hard competition in practically any niche, institutions simply can not afford the luxury not to make online surveys.

And there are many online tools available. Several of them are great, a few are really bad, and this is why it is necessary to know which one to use. But this will be the subject of my next article. Until then, have a nice day!

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